INTERMETAL S.A was founded in 1990, focusing in the research, design, manufacture and trade of building industrial equipment, with specialization in architectural glass applications, systems and accessories, for buildings and residents. Aiming at the most effective presence of the company globally, we created the brand name INAL. This name, in conjunction with the evolution, quality, cost-efficiency and trust, adds value to our customers, from which we accept all suggestions, to facilitate their constructions.


Noscavo Innovative product from Intermetal.

The new hydraulic hinge Noscavo by INAL is an incredibly functional architectural product. Plus you do not need to cut the tiles in order to install your underfloor hinge. Simply screw the base and then snap the device onto it. Noscavo hinge is an innovative architectural product, that has been already installed in many companies and residencies.

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Hydraulic Hinge Closer Noscavo HHC Frameless Parking System PR150
 Frameless Sliding Door System
"Curved" Profile 125mm
 Folding Framed Glass Door Electrically Operated FRP-M75H/EL
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