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Terms of Use

In this text we collect the terms of use and privacy policy of our customers and visitors to our site.
The Intermetal SA, ("Intermetal SA" or the Company or us) is pleased that you have visited its web site.
Intellectual property of Intermetal SA
All intellectual property rights (including copyrights, rights in software, photos, rights in databases, patents, know-how, trademarks, logos, trade names and other trademarks as well as other similar rights such as listings) related to our site belong to Intermetal SA. This also applies to any modifications to our web pages, &

1 Introduction
1.1 This text is intended to provide you with information about how our Company manages your personal data, as well as the rights you have as data subjects.
1.2. Protecting your privacy when processing your personal data and the security of all business data is an important issue that we take into account during our business operations. The processing of personal data collected during your visit to our websites is confidential and exclusively in accordance with applicable law.
1.3. Personal data protection and information security are part of our company policy.

2. Collection, maintenance and general processing of personal data
Personal data is any information that is referenced and identifies or identifies an individual, such as name, address, place of residence, telephone number, e-mail address, occupation, financial status, photographic material. In addition, we collect any other information you make available to our Company on your own initiative when you communicate with us.

3. Collection, process and maintain of personal data
3.1 In this statement, "Intermetal SA" or "We" or "Company" refers to the Intermetal SA, which acts as a controller within the meaning of the law.
3.2 The purposes and the manner in which your personal data is collected, used and / or communicated to third parties by the Company are determined by the Company and specified in this statement.
3.3 In particular, the name, surname and other personal data including IP addresses only if you have given us your explicit consent (eg as part of a registration, inquiry, competition or contract); with the exception of the application of relevant legal dictates, indicating the need to process personal data in the context of a statutory obligation by Intermetal SA or in the context of executing a contract with a contractor the subject of personal data.

4. Purpose of processing personal data
4.1 Your personal data will be used in the context and for the needs of servicing and managing our relationship or cooperation, in particular for the fulfillment of our obligations and / or legal obligations of the Company and / or for its legitimate business purposes, bids, invoices etc.
4.2 We will process only those personal data that are relevant to and related to a particular processing purpose and we will always try to limit the use of your personal data to what is strictly necessary.
4.3 Your personal data may be used for the purposes indicated:
(i) Managing and monitoring the course of our cooperative relationship, including the conduct and monitoring of any money transactions, as well as judicial and extrajudicial actions, on a case by case basis,
(ii) For internal operational and computerized service purposes and / or for statistical purposes.
(iii) We will also use your personal data to improve the operation of our Companies and to communicate with you in accordance with the framework established by the applicable national and European laws on the protection of personal data.

5. Transmitting personal data to third parties for processing
5.1 Your personal data we collect is stored on secure servers located in Greece. Your personal data will only be available to appropriately authorized employees and / or associates of the Company who are entrusted with tasks relating to the management of the relationship between us.
5.2 In the context of the Company's operation, we may disclose your information to service providers, external partners and other natural or legal persons with whom we work or may cooperate, directly or indirectly, for these purposes. These vendors may perform processing operations on your personal data on our behalf. We forbid these suppliers to use the above information or to disclose it for any purpose other than the provision of services on our behalf.
5.3 We will ensure that your personal data is adequately and properly protected when communicated to authorized third parties.
5.4 We may decide, for strategic or other business purposes, to sell or transfer our business in whole or in part. As part of this sale or transfer, we may pass on information that we have collected and stored, including your personal data to any party involved in the sale or transfer.
5.5. As part of the processing described in this update notice, we may assign or disclose your personal data to third parties established outside the EEA. Therefore, your personal information may be processed by non-EEA personnel working for us or for one of our suppliers. Such staff may be employed, inter alia, in the provision of support services.
5.6 No matter in which country your personal data is disclosed, we will disclose your personal data only in those cases where there is a strict need for that and always with appropriate security guarantees (such as the Standard Contractual Clauses).
5.7 By way of exception, we may disclose your personal information to third parties, including the competent police and prosecuting authorities, only if there is a statutory obligation to do so, or we are obliged by decision, order or order by a judicial, regulatory or public authority.

6. Time period for keeping personal data
6.1. We will keep your personal data for as long as is strictly necessary for the purpose of collecting it, and in accordance with the relevant legislation. Your personal data we collect pursuant to this Agreement will be respected after the termination of our existing cooperation with a view to complying with any of our statutory obligations and for serving the legitimate business interests of the Company.
6.2. Where your personal data is not necessary for the above purposes, it will be destroyed safely.

7. Use of cookies
7.1 Cookies are small text files stored on your computer. With the help of these files it can be detected if your finished device has already contacted our website. Reading cookies allows us to customize your website and make it easier for you to use.
7.2 Cookies of Intermetal SA.
The websites & use cookies and active elements (eg JavaScript) to be able to monitor the visitors' preferences and ideally customize their design.
7.3 Third-party cookies & includes content and services from other providers (eg YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin), which in turn can use cookies and active data. Intermetal ABEE has no influence on the processing of personal data by these providers.
7.4 Disabling and deleting cookies
When you visit our web pages, you would be asked from a cookie pop-up window if you allow cookies that are on our web pages or you want to disable them in the settings.
If you decide not to allow cookies, then an Opt-Out cookie is set in your browser. The Opt-Out system means that natural or legal persons can declare their objection to the processing of their data directly to the controller. This cookie only serves to match your complaint. Disabling cookies may, however, lead to some features of our site being no longer available. Note that an Opt-Out cookie for technical reasons can only be used for the Browser from which it is set. When you delete cookies or use another Browser or other end device, you must perform the "Opt-Out" rebuttal operation again.
However, the setting feature does not cover those cookies that were placed during your visit to third party websites by other providers.
However, through your Browser you can delete all Cookies at any time. So consult your browser's help functions. And this can still lead to some special features being no longer available to you.

8. Using retargeting tools
8.1 We use retargeting technologies to optimize the online marketing of Intermetal SA. So the offer on the internet is made more interesting for you and is tailored to your needs.
8.2 By using cookies that capture your interest in our products and services as well as our usage behavior analysis, we can serve you with personalized and relevant advertising on our Retargeting partners' websites, such as Google AdWords. But this happens anonymously, so you can not recognize it through retargeting.
8.3 Retargeting tools are only used if you have given us your consent. Therefore, you must have accepted the use of the relevant cookies as described in Article 6.

9. Use conversion tracking
9.1 To make our online offer for our users as attractive as possible, we use conversion tracking systems.
9.2. Our conversion tracking partners, such as Google AdWords, place a "cookie" on your computer, if you come to our website through an advertiser of your partner. These cookies expire after 30 days. If you visit some of our pages and the cookie has not yet expired, then we and our individual partner tracking partner can recognize that someone has clicked on the ad and was promoted to our site. Cookies cannot be tracked through our website. The information collected with the help of the conversion-cookie is used to create conversion statistics and to verify the total number of users who clicked on the corresponding ad and were promoted to a page marked a conversion-tracking- tag. But this happens anonymously, so you can not recognize it through conversion tracking.
9.3 Use of conversion tracking is only used if you have given us your consent. Therefore, you must have accepted the use of the relevant cookies as described in Article 6.

10 Using Social Plugins (Social Add-ons)
10.1 Intermetal SA uses social plugins on social networking sites such as Facebook, Linkedin and Google+ on its websites. Here are activation fields, such as "Facebook Like Button" (Facebook button I like).
10.2 With the so-called double-click method, we protect you from the standard detection and evaluation of your visit to our websites by social network providers. If you visit a page of our site, which includes such plugins, these are initially disabled. Only when you click on the offered button plugins are enabled. With this activation, you get the connection to the social network and you signify your consent to the transmission of your data. If you press the corresponding button, the corresponding information is transferred directly from your browser to the social network and stored there. If you want to stop the transfer, you must turn off the plugin again.
10.3 When connected to a social network, the data collected during your visit may be cross-checked with your own stored member data. If you do not want the corresponding social network to match the data collected by your visit with your saved member data, you must disconnect before activating the Social Plugin from the social network.
10.4 For information on the purpose and scope of data collection, further processing and use of social networking data, and your respective rights and regulatory options to protect your privacy, please refer to the data protection guidelines of each social network.

11. Consent and withdrawal in a newsletter
11.1 When providing your personal information, we use it in order to be able to inform you of our products and services and possibly ask for your opinion on them, provided you have expressly given us your consent for the use your personal data for advertising and market research purposes. If we use a market research institute for research, then it acts as a processor solely on request and according to Intermetal SA's recommendations.
If you have given us your consent for advertising and / or market research, but in the future you do not wish to receive any more advertising or to inquire about our products and services from Intermetal ABEE then you can withdraw your consent whenever you contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Your data will then be deleted or, if it is still necessary for pricing and accounting purposes, will only be used to manage our customer relationship.
11.2 On our websites you can subscribe to the newsletter. We will send you a Newsletter via e-mail, SMS, or push update, if you do the following before clicking on a link in a message that will explicitly confirm the activation of the newsletter download service. If you decide subsequently not to receive the Intermetal ABEE Newsletters, you can terminate your subscription at any time by withdrawing your consent. The withdrawal of consent to receive a Newsletter via e-mail is via the link printed in the Newsletter or by e-mail to the service agents or our website management settings. The Mobile Newsletter is the recall by sending the Stop message to the distributor.

12 Using external links
Intermetal ABEE's web sites may include links to third party websites - with providers that are not affiliated with us. When you click on the link, we no longer have any responsibility - involved in the collection, processing and use of personal data transmitted to third parties by clicking on the link (such as the IP address or URL of the page , which contains the link), because third-party actions, as is normal, are beyond our control. For the processing of such personal data by third parties, Intermetal ABEE is not responsible.

13 Safety
13.1 Affiliates and Service Providers Intermetal ABEE are required to observe confidentiality and comply with the applicable EU and national laws on the protection of personal data, the decisions of the competent authority and the present terms.
13.1 Intermetal ABEE takes all necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of the data we manage from tampering, loss, destruction or access by unauthorized persons or unauthorized disclosure. Our security measures are continually improving, respectively, of the evolution of technology.

14 Information and Correction
Users have the right to request at any time information about the personal data stored for them and to know whether their personal data are processed or processed. In addition, users have the right to opt out at any time, including the correction, for the processing of their data. For this purpose, any request should be submitted in writing to Intermetal ABEE, as detailed in clause 15.

15. Revocation and deletion
15.1 In addition, you may at any time revoke your consent to the collection, processing and use of your personal data in the future.
15.2. The deletion of personal data takes place when you withdraw consent to storage - and in general to processing - when the knowledge of personal data to fulfill the intended purpose is no longer necessary or when processing for other legal reasons is permissible.
15.3. Data required for pricing and accounting purposes or subject to legal retention requirements are not affected. Unless access is necessary, this data is also bound.

16. Communication
For information, corrections, suggestions and clarifications regarding the processing of your personal data and for the withdrawal of your consent, you may contact the responsible person responsible for processing your personal data at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it via e-mail.

17. Changes in terms of use
17.1 In the event of significant changes to the Company Statement, which significantly differentiate our privacy practices, we will notify you by posting relevant disclosure on our websites &


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