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The company uses the most advanced technology equipment in all its operations. This way it guarantees a reliable and resistant final product as well as the integrity of the services been provided.

  • Electronic equipment for metal processing
  • CNC processing centers
  • Automated turntable centres for vertical productions
  • Conventional machinery for metal processing
  • Equipment of casting metals and recycling of residues
  • Machinery for finishing products
  • Equipment for electrostatic painting of metals
  • Equipment of aluminum anodization
  • Metal CNC plasma cutting
  • Equipment for processing, welding and finishing INOX
  • Tools and equipment for quality control
  • Equipment for machinery maintenance
  • Equipment for the design and control of new product
  • Equipment for reproduction of prototypes (Rapid Prototyping)
  • Equipment for designing and printing catalogues for boosting sales
  • E.R.P. application for:
    • Accounting
    • Administration & Marketing
    • Customer Service
    • Production Management
    • Project Management
  • Control systems being used for the purpose of: Product Distribution (commercial activity) and Installation crews
  • Specialized equipment for waste management and residue recycling for a greener environment
  • Complete fleet of trucks, cranes and passenger cars
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