FNM200 Folding Glass Door with Heavy Duty Rail

Folding Glass Door with Heavy Duty Rail
• Folding glass door system without floor guide
• ΙIdeal for constructions where is limited parking space
• The panels open and close very easily, only with one move
• Τhe first panel of the construction is always about half , length, from the rest panels
• Hanging is achieved with the use of roller at the center of each panel
• The panels park at the middle of the opening
• Stainless steel roller with clamp
  STRENGTH TEST:  4.600kgr (165/049.01-2 N.T.U.A.)
• Heavy duty aluminum rail 70x80 with stainless steel sliding beam
  STRENGTH TEST: 3.450kgr (165/049.01-1 N.T.U.A)


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